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I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the Mama on the Move classes this summer. After Sophia was born I really struggled to lose weight and I also found the demands of looking after two small children rather overwhelming, which definitely affected my confidence and outlook. I’ve never been able to stick to any sort of exercise regime before for more than a couple of weeks but I have just LOVED your classes and since exercising more regularly I have so much more energy, feel so much more positive and most importantly, feel like myself again. You have been a real inspiration to me and I really appreciate all those Thursday morning sessions and encouragement!Tamsin and Sophia and Daniel


I would like to say a huge thank you for helping me get back into shape after my pregnancy and Caesarean.  Your classes have been absolutely brilliant and it has been really lovely to have met you.  I wish you every success with your Mama on the Move businessClaire and baby Lyla


Laura's postnatal classes have given me the confidence to start exercising again after my second baby. They have been fun and sociable and you definitely leave feeling like you have worked hard. The babies seem to have fun too!Mary and baby Sophie


Mama On The Move was the perfect way to get back into exercise, and back into shape, after the gruelling process of growing and birthing a little human! The classes are tailored to a perfect balance - gentle enough not to adversely affect your body's healing, but tough enough to make your muscles feel "worked" and to see results. And being able to bring your baby along was the icing on the cake! I didn't want to leave my baby just weeks after he was born, even for an hour's exercise class (plus who would I find to babysit??) and seeing his grinning face made the squats a little more bareable! Emma and baby Austin


Mama on the move was a great experience for me. After a traumatic c section birth I never thought I would get back to normal but the exercise classes really helped improve my fitness and confidence levels very quickly. Laura is a brilliant instructor, very sensitive to all levels of fitness and ability and fantastic with crying babies! I would definitely recommend her classes.   I also inlisted her help as a PT to get me in shape for my wedding and thanks to her I felt slim and toned in my dress and in my bikini on honeymoon afterwards!Beth Cann and baby Ava





I wanted to say a big thank you to you both for doing an amazing job and getting me back into exercise (and my size 10 clothes!) Gill


Thank you so much, I've loved Fusion Fitness and clearly

have benefitted from it. I have lost 2 stone since starting with you on my 37th birthday in February when my littlest girl was 5 months old and up every hour of the night - I must have been delirious! but something clicked in my head and I really wanted to get back into shape and reclaim a bit of my old self after 3.5 years of being pregnant, having babies and breastfeeding.

I'm now back to running twice a week, I do workouts at home and I'm even signed I to this bloody obstacle course ! Fiona  


Just to say how much I loved doing this course! Not only did I manage to lose weight and improve my fitness but I also got to meet some really lovely people and have a LOT of fun. The FF community is so supportive and Laura and Helen have also organised events I would never have done before such as bouldering, self defence and entering a FF team in the Forest Warrior obstacle race. It definitely helped me find myself again after the transition to motherhood - would highly recommend Tamsin


I have done the fusion course 4 times and since joining I have lost a stone and a half. Laura and Helen are amazing and you get so much support and extras! Would definitely recommend!!! Kelly


I've done this course and am signed up again for September - it's a lovely supportive group and I finally feel I'm getting my figure and fitness back after years of being a baby making machine!Emily


Fusion fitness has been great in kick starting my post baby weight loss and getting fit. Lovely group, great instructors. Totally worth the moneyStella


Do it if you's fab! Laura and Helen are ace at pushing you without making you hate them! – Ruth


FF is great for older mums too! At the age of 56, I am fitter than I have been for a long time, my legs are really toned and best of all it's great fun and a really good way to let off steam after a day in the office or looking after the grandchildren! - Sarah